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1st POV

It was a normal day at Fumizuki Academy.I was giving a walk outside and going to my favourite place...

Reaching the place I see 3 cats rounding someone...Tsuchiya Kota. For the past week I've been taking care of these cats occasionally finding him.I never talked to him about this tough.

"So you like cats,ah?"-I say cockily.

"Oh, Filypa-kun. Didn't see you there...h-hai (yes). They are misterious yet cute pets.- He says still feeding them.

"Hmmm"- I get close and hunch down nesto to him extending my had to a certain black cat.

It looks suspiciously at me before leaning into my hand. I smile. - "So cute.I occasionaly come here and see you feeding them you know?"

"Oh, really? Did you...-"

"No. It's alright with me. No worries. It's our secret."

"Right. Our secret..."
-I'm desesperate!
-No you are not!
-I'll do anything!
-No,I wont!You know how guys are!Remember to take a knife to any date you get!
-Shut up!!
-I won't!


-Now that the desperate one is...ah...sleeping I hope...let's talk seriously.
I had some...heartbroke with a guy but I'm ok.Still sane to go to a well secure area and bring a big knife to any date I have...I'm serious,television doesn't lie!Sometimes...just live happily while I cry!


Halloween is coming!We in Portugal don't celebrate Halloween...
(We sometimes are stupid)
But...I love the spirit so maybe I'll dress like a vampire countess,or as Draculaura if a miracle happens!

I wanna thank everyone for the wish of happy birthday,especially pizzaboy,you are great!


Hi there I'm Filypa and I'm a begginer artist.Started 4 years ago,and ever since that I wish to go to Japan and being a "manga" artist.My draws may be kind of poor,but i try to do my best everyday. Thank You and Bye~.

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