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- I love you.

...    ...   ...

It's been a week since those words left my pinkish lips. The ones of the blue haired boy have yet to reproduce any sound to answer my statement. I'm so close and again, far away from him. A simple "no" would have been less painful than this waiting.
We´ve been avoiding each other for some days now.
First we would meet but stay silent. To let the other retain the information and think. Soon, we knew that the silence was not just to think but a signal that the friendship between us was ripping apart.

On the second week I was done waiting. I decided to confront him. Kuroko Tetsuya.

With some helf from Riko, she let us alone after practice on the gym. He didn't try to run. After all it was time.

- (Y/N)-san...
- ...
- I... I love you too.
1st POV

It was a normal day at Fumizuki Academy.I was giving a walk outside and going to my favourite place...

Reaching the place I see 3 cats rounding someone...Tsuchiya Kota. For the past week I've been taking care of these cats occasionally finding him.I never talked to him about this tough.

"So you like cats,ah?"-I say cockily.

"Oh, Filypa-kun. Didn't see you there...h-hai (yes). They are misterious yet cute pets.- He says still feeding them.

"Hmmm"- I get close and hunch down nesto to him extending my had to a certain black cat.

It looks suspiciously at me before leaning into my hand. I smile. - "So cute.I occasionaly come here and see you feeding them you know?"

"Oh, really? Did you...-"

"No. It's alright with me. No worries. It's our secret."

"Right. Our secret..."
-I'm desesperate!
-No you are not!
-I'll do anything!
-No,I wont!You know how guys are!Remember to take a knife to any date you get!
-Shut up!!
-I won't!


-Now that the desperate one is...ah...sleeping I hope...let's talk seriously.
I had some...heartbroke with a guy but I'm ok.Still sane to go to a well secure area and bring a big knife to any date I have...I'm serious,television doesn't lie!Sometimes...just live happily while I cry!


Halloween is coming!We in Portugal don't celebrate Halloween...
(We sometimes are stupid)
But...I love the spirit so maybe I'll dress like a vampire countess,or as Draculaura if a miracle happens!

I wanna thank everyone for the wish of happy birthday,especially pizzaboy,you are great!


Hi there I'm Filypa and I'm a begginer artist.Started 4 years ago,and ever since that I wish to go to Japan and being a "manga" artist.My draws may be kind of poor,but i try to do my best everyday. Thank You and Bye~.

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